Couple Says 'No Sweat' to Marrying During the Chicago Marathon (VIDEO)

couple marries during chicago marathonWhile this might not necessarily be your traditional runner's high, we'd have to think these marathoners were ecstatic thanks to the unusual break they took mid-run! Stephanie Reinhart and Mark Jockel married at mile 8 of the Chicago marathon in what turned out to be an interesting compromise between the athletic lovebirds. 


Getting hitched in the middle of the windy city's famous race allowed the bride the short ceremony she always wanted, while the groom got to have the thousands of guests he was hoping for. 

Talk about your anti-bridezilla! How could you keep your hair and makeup in tact after running eight miles? Most of us would be complaining that we felt like a sweaty mess. We love that she's true to the pastime that brought the pair together. Take a look: 

What's also great is that the running duo carried that theme throughout their engagement, sending out race bibs and wristbands with the invitations, and feasting on a pasta-rich rehearsal dinner. 

These two must really be meant for each other, because it's hard to imagine too many other brides and grooms going for this idea! 

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The whole concept works as a great metaphor, if you think about it. The wedding ceremony is just the first stop along life's journey. Completing the marathon together, as a married couple, had to be an incredible accomplishment requiring support and encouragement at every mile.

And just think, you'd have plenty of incentive to cross that finish line! You're going on your honeymoon! We wish this couple all the best!


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