Cop Reaches Into His Own Wallet to Help Homeless Family Off the Street

Oxford, Ohio, sheriff deputy Brian Bussell probably helps people just about every day. But when he came across a homeless family in need, he did something remarkable -- he dug into his own pocket, took the family shopping at Walmart, and bought them a hotel for 10 nights.


Tierra Gray and her two sons had been evicted and needed a place to stay. But when Bussell couldn't find the family a shelter, he did what he later told Today is "just part of my job description."

Bussell's fellow officers, who only found out about his act of kindness when Gray's Facebook post about the deputy who saved her family went viral, think what he did was pretty incredible.

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones is very proud of one of his own for helping a homeless family. Deputy Brian...

Posted by Butler County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Not only did Deputy Bussell, a 25-year veteran of the Sherriff's Department, help that family when they needed it most, but he also reminds all of us that helping people really is what most police officers spend their work shifts doing. It's easy to forget as we're constantly bombarded with reports of police officers abusing their power in unthinkable ways. And without question, those officers should be held accountable. 

But acts of everyday heroism like Deputy Bussell's remind us that there are still plenty of wonderful people in law enforcement who are truly dedicated to helping the people in their community.

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Maybe even more importantly, here are two boys, boys of color, who will now know in their hearts that the police are not their enemy. And that's a wonderful and important thing.

Thank you Deputy Bussell for your service and your compassion. Your act of kindness is much bigger than one family and the millions of hearts that just grew 10 sizes thanks to your story. Keep up the good work.


Image via Butler County Sherriff's Office/Facebook

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