Adorable Baby Dressed Like Pope Brings Out Pope Francis's Sense of Humor (VIDEO)

baby pope pope francisThe Madden family had quite the plan to try to meet Pope Francis while he was in Philadelphia. They dressed up their infant daughter Quinn as the Pope and headed out to Ben Franklin Parkway in hopes of catching the pontiff's eye during the Papal Parade. And it worked! Pope Francis stopped to kiss the Baby Pope, and I will admit that even though it was a happy and humorous moment, I got all teary eyed.


Pope Francis really is incredible.

Pope Francis Meets Baby Pope: Action News viewer Daniel Madden has quite a story to tell and so will his daughter...when she learns how to talk. #PopeinPhilly -->

Posted by 6abc Action News on Saturday, September 26, 2015

Baby Pope sure is adorable.

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There was so much excitement in the air and I will admit, as a parent, I would have been a little nervous if some stranger took my baby to get blessed by the Pope. Even though he was a Holy stranger. I'd want my baby blessed because why not? But the carrying over in the midst of the shouting crowds and chaos? Ack! Does that make me an overly concerned mom? Maybe. Clearly, all was fine. I love how all those security guards walked by and seemed to look right at the baby but had to keep a straight face. You know inside they were cracking up. The Pope sure was. What a smile! What a guy! What a Pope!

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Pope Francis must have eyes like a hawk because he seems to see everything he needs to see in the crowds. And there was Quinn, dressed up just like him. Parents everywhere are kicking themselves for not thinking of this stunt while headed out to see the Pope with their kids. Imagine a family all dressed like Popes?!

And then there is that moment, when Quinn is passed to Pope Francis and he kisses her, blesses her -- incredible! I'm not sure what this water is accumulating in my eyes. Is this from years of CCD at St. Sylvester's? Catholic guilt? I love this progressive Pope!

The Pope told his guard to tell the parents that they had a great sense of humor when the baby was returned to their arms. Now a magical baby, of course. It warms my heart the Pope has a great sense of humor, too. Baby Pope Quinn seems to be all set for Halloween, too. Oh wait ... that's not a Catholic holiday, is it?


Image via 6abc Action News / Facebook

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