Police Pull Over 16-Year-Old Cancer Patient & the Outcome Is Surprising (VIDEO)

Sixteen-year-old Maddie Carlson was shocked and scared when cops pulled over her car in Goffstown, New Hampshire. But her mood turned 180 degrees when she found out why. It was a prank -- a kind and generous one. The police stopped the teen to present a check to help with her cancer treatments. 


Maddie's mom, Kathy, was in on the whole thing. But it was actually a police officer who took it upon himself to take up a collection for Maddie, who suffers from a rare bone cancer. He raised $250. Kathy Carlson told Inside Edition that the officer's lieutenant approached her about the donation and she came up with the plan to pull them over.

The donation did a lot more to Maddie than provide financial help. An experimental surgery had failed to stop her cancer -- in fact, her tumor had grown. So she was getting chemo treatments. "It was so meaningful to her," Kathy said of the donation. "This is emotionally really difficult for her so this was a pick-me-up that melted our hearts. To see her smile – that doesn’t happen often for us right now."

The officers showed how much they care by going through the trouble of presenting Maddie with the check this way. Just by bringing her that joy they must have helped build her resilience. At the very least they cheered her up for a while.

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I love it when cops are on their game like this -- when they show what it means to be part of a community. This is such a great example for their neighbors. Sometimes leadership looks soft and kind, you know? 

Meanwhile, video of the donation on the Goffstown Police Department's Facebook page has gone viral, so Maddie is getting even more support from everyone. Hopefully this will help her family raise funds for her treatment. But just as important, raising her spirits can support her body's fight against this illness. No guarantees, but every little bit helps.


Posted by Goffstown Police Department on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Here's Maddie's fundraising page, Help Madeline Kick Cancer's @$$, if you want to contribute.


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