Woman Visits Police Station on a Mission to Hug a Random Officer (VIDEO)

Well this might be the sweetest story you've heard all day. In light of all the law enforcement homicides in the news recently, an elderly woman visited her local police station for a hug. She was caught on tape, and she lifted all of our spirits with her kindness.


A women walked into a Colorado police station last week, hoping just to hug a cop to show her appreciation for the job that her local law enforcement does every day.

She was apparently "upset" at the killings of multiple police officers around the country, and wanted to let our gals and guys in blue know that there are those of us who still support them.

Take a look at this sweet video, and try not to be moved:

Can you even get over it? According to the department's Facebook page, this classy lady walked into the Lake Arbor police station in Arvada on Monday, and asked to hug someone on duty.

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Officer Chris Steiner rose to the occasion, and was moved by the experience. "While a bit of a reach because of his size, she managed to get ahold of him and hugged him great; not once, but twice," the post read.

Stories like this totally restore our faith in humanity. We should all be as kind as this anonymous woman was.


Image via KGTV

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