Rare Pink Dolphin Makes Another Appearance & Now, She May Be Pregnant (VIDEO)

pink dolphinBack in 2007, a captain of a charter boat that operates in Louisiana's Calcasieu River first spotted "Pinky," a rare pink dolphin. Ever since, she's spent her summers just hanging out and swimming in the area. In fact, Captain Erik Rue tells the local ABC affiliate that he's seen her hundreds of times over the years and thinks this summer the pink dolphin might be pregnant.


How can you tell if a dolphin is pregnant? Is she cranky and having weird cravings or something? Well, Rue says he's seen Pinky getting busy and doing her mating thing, so there might be a calf on the way soon. A little, tiny pink dolphin might top the list of the cutest animals ever.

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No one else has ever reported seeing a dolphin with the same coloring as Pinky. She's pink, like the color of a dolphin's belly, but all over. At first, Rue says, he thought it was an albino dolphin, but he says that if that was the case, she'd be more white than pink. For now, it's just one of life's adorable mysteries.

Anyone else want to go in on a charter trip next summer?

But it might be a good idea to leave the kiddos at home, unless you want to spent the afternoon explaining why it's not feasible to keep a dolphin in your backyard pool. Pinky sure looks cute enough to bring home and make part of the family though.

Here's wishing Pinky much success starting a little pink dolphin family of her own. OK, all together now ... SQUEE!

Here's WGNO's recent report on Pinky.

And another video taken of Pinky the Dolphin frolicking in the Calcasieu River.



Image via WGNO

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