School Resource Officer Becomes a Father to an 'Unadoptable' Student (VIDEO)

Grab your tissues because this story is going to make you cry something ugly. When Master Deputy Mike Gibson became a school resource officer, he probably didn't think it would change his life. But it was actually changed forever when he felt a strong call on his heart to adopt a student no one wanted.


"When I saw him, it was just something tugged at my heart. I said, 'I can help this child,'" Officer Gibson told WYFF News 4.

After volunteering his time at a local Child Development Center when he was off duty, the South Carolina resident eventually became a full-time resource officer -- a position that gave him the chance to interact with students on a more personal level. It was there he met the child that would later become his adopted son.

He started off calling me police officer, or officer Mike. And he just said Officer Dad and then Dad. He was searching, he was definitely a child in need of parents, and that's what he wanted -- and fortunately, that's what he got.

Initially writing a report about his now-son's child abuse, Mike felt the need to do more. With three children of their own, Mike and his wife Kimber went through the certification process to adopt the child social workers ruled unadoptable.

His school recently honored him as a "Terrific Kid."

"(My husband) said that during his time in law enforcement, he never truly knew if he had the opportunity to save someone's life," said Kimber. "With [this little boy], we know he's changed somebody's life. He's changed ours more than we changed his."

I'm truly at a loss for words after hearing about this heartwarming story. Far too many kids who don't often have a fair shake at life are lost in the system. It's hard to fight back tears thinking about how beautiful this selfless act is and the positive effects it will have on this little boy's life for years to come.

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Before my father retired from the police department, he spent many years as a student resource officer for a high school. Granted, there were days he complained about attitudes, but I still have fond memories of visiting him after school where kids would tell me how lucky I was to have a dad like him.

Whether you work as a civil servant or volunteer your time to pay it forward, you never know how much a consistent positive presence can affect someone's life for the better.

I salute this officer with the utmost respect.


Image via WYFF News 4/YouTube

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