18-Year-Old Pinned Under a Truck Is Alive … Thanks to Siri

Freak accidents are horrifying enough to make you want to lock yourself inside your home and never leave. But Sam Ray certainly wasn't far from home when he found himself in a near-death situation -- that ended in his giving credit to "butt-dialing" Siri for saving his life.


The Tennessee teen was working on his vehicle in his family's driveway when the unthinkable happened: It collapsed on top of him. He screamed for help, but no one was home to hear Sam's cries as the 18-year-old was unable to free himself.

Just when all hope seemed lost, Sam heard Siri's voice coming from his back pocket. He had accidentally activated the device, which allowed him to ask the iPhone technology to call 911 and communicate with a dispatcher just enough for them to hear his location.

Let's face it, you don't really think of something like this happening -- or at least don't want to admit you do in efforts not to jinx yourself.

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While Sam is all smiles now as he tells his story to KFOR News, his quick thinking to continuously shout his address made his rescue have a happy ending. "The greatest thing he did was keep saying his address, so we could get everybody there," admits 911 dispatcher Christina Lee.

Thank you, Siri!


Image via KFOR News 4

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