Stanford-Bound Teen Set to Use College Scholarship to Bury His Mom -- Until Strangers Stepped In (VIDEO)

It's OK to feel just about every emotion possible when you hear this story -- it's that touching! Thanks to the generosity of caring strangers, Dellarontay Readus -- a Stanford-bound 18-year-old who almost had to give up his college dream when his mother died -- can bury his beloved mom without using hard-earned scholarship money.


The 18-year-old Memphis teen first made headlines after he was accepted into all eight ivy league schools. Eventually deciding on Stanford University, the 4.0 GPA valedictorian was all ready to embark on his new adventure when tragedy struck. His mother, Lynn K. Readus recently passed away from heart and stomach complications, just one month before Dellarontay was to start his classes.

"It’s just that it hurts so much, I can’t do anything else but cry," the teen told WREG News.

As if losing a parent wasn't a hit to the gut, the 18-year-old now faced another problem: Finding money to bury his mother.

Once admitting to taking church meals home because they had nothing to eat, Dellarontay knew his family didn't have enough to lay his mom to rest. Because of this, he made the selfless decision to access his full-ride scholarship to Stanford. That was, of course, until hundreds of Good Samaritans donated to his GoFundMe page.

Hoping to receive a couple thousand, Dellarontay now has raised close to $29,000 in just two days. The teen is so touched by the generosity that he has asked people to stop donating as his family now has what they need.

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I wouldn't know where to begin, let alone how I would pick up the pieces in this situation. It's truly commendable that this young man would use his scholarship money as not everyone would. Hopefully these generous acts from Good Samaritans will help strengthen him on his college journey as his mom can now rest in peace.


Image via WREG News 3/CBS

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