Student Offers to Get Professor Laid If He Can Get An Extension on His Paper

Oh man, what do you do if you've been out all night partying and you know your college paper will be late? You drunk-email your professor mocking his bald head and offering to get him laid if he'll give you an extension. Yes, someone named Patrick Davidson did this, and you have to read it.


The most amazing thing about this letter is that it didn't begin with "Dude." No, actually the most amazing thing about it is the way his professor responded, but we'll get to that later. Davidson's email found its way to Reddit where it's been enjoyed by over a million viewers, including us.

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Davidson begins by commending his prof for being a "motherf---ing g" and adding condolences for the man's baldness. He offers to set his teacher up with a girl who can get his hair back and "keep you bangin." Then he asks for that extension, predicting that he will feel ill tomorrow.

Lastly, perhaps in his drunkenness mistaking Mr. Martin for his dad, Davidson ends his letter with "Love u."


a student emails his professor while drunk. results are amazing

Actually, when you see Mr. Martin's reply you'll love him, too. 

Mr. Martin (probably Dr. Martin) has no doubt gotten emails like this hundreds of times before. Perhaps he appreciated Davidson's honesty. Or maybe he sees the big picture: Davidson is a goof and who cares if the paper is a day or two late.

Mr. Martin grants Davidson an extension. Yes!

But also, he adds, "I appreciate your concern for my bald head. My wife likes it and I don't get paid enough to get hair implants." Love it -- it is very cool indeed that Martin wasn't offended by the bald crack, nor by the offer to set him up with a bangin' chick. We're so pleased to hear he is already happily coupled. I suppose that's a nice way of turning down Davidson's generous offer.

But the funniest part is when Martin asks Davidson what he was drinking -- well, you should see for yourself.

Yeah, we think Davidson owes Mr. Martin a bottle of whatever that was just for being so cool about the whole thing. Don't you?


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