Shopper Gets Sweet Revenge on Checkout Clerk Who Makes Gross Period Joke

All you young men out there, take a lesson. Do not mess with mama while she's menstruating. You hear? A grocery clerk learned that lesson the hard way when he dared make a crack while ringing up a woman's pads and tampons. She sure got him.


Lauren Jovanovic was at the Australian grocery store Coles buying some personal feminine products when the cashier made a crude joke about absorbency. Eww! Jovanovic was not amused by the young man, but that doesn't mean she lacks a sense of humor. She posted a message to Coles on Facebook that will go down in history as one of the all-time great menstruation rants.

You really have to read this entire thing.

Hi Coles. Just wondering whether your male checkout staff receive training on appropriate conversation and facial...

Posted by Lauren JovanoviÄ� on Monday, August 3, 2015

To our knowledge Coles has yet to respond to this comment. No word from the checkout guy, either. But he must be feeling it where she threatened to shove that COLES paper towel roll!

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Now, what have we learned here?

  1. Guys, don't make period jokes to women who are menstruating.
  2. In fact, avoid period jokes altogether.
  3. Leave the period jokes to the ladies.
  4. Australia has menstrual pads called "Libra" -- awesome.
  5. Paper towels are not, in fact, a handy alternative to pads and tampons.
  6. Menstruation doesn't kill your sense of humor; it just makes it sharper.

We love Jovanovic's sassy way and we agree, she is quite capable of handling her own time of the month. Maybe more of us should handle it the exact same way.


Image via PathDoc/shutterstock

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