Mom & Daughter Release a Balloon Honoring Her Late Father & Get an Unexpected Reply

balloonsSome stories are just so sweet, they give you goosebumps. Some stories are just so spooky, they give you goosebumps. This story is both: A mom and daughter released a balloon at their late husband/father's grave, and the balloon actually found its way home!


Sandy Seibold and her daughter Saige certainly weren't expecting their balloon to make such a mysterious, miraculous journey when they released it at the Oklahoma grave site of Johnny, Sandy's husband and Saige's father. (Johnny passed away from pancreatic cancer in May at the age of 43.) Instead, the balloon was a way to honor their lost loved one: They wrote a note eulogizing Johnny and put it inside the balloon (printed with the slogan "#1 Dad"), along with a note asking that whoever found the message contact them. Then they drove back to their home, 25 miles away.

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That's when Saige found something better than a message from someone who found the balloon -- she found the balloon itself, caught up in a fence on their property. 

Goosebumps yet? No?? Then how about this: The fence where Saige found the balloon was in a field she and her father often worked in together. Said Sandy of the experience:

"What are the chances? We felt it was a sign from my husband to let us know he was OK and to quit worrying about him."

Wow. I'm sure there are plenty of skeptical types out there who would find a million reasons to doubt the supernatural aspect of this story, but personally? I think this was definitely a sign from beyond. I've had too many odd supernatural experiences myself to deny that there's something beyond the physical world we live in -- that there's a universe beyond what we can see and touch. 

And let's say the whole thing was just a fluke -- what's the harm in believing otherwise? We all want to know that our loved ones are okay, whether in this life or the next. I'm glad Sandy and Saige got this message, loud and clear.


Image via LeAnn E. Crowe/Flickr

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