New iPhone Service May Soon Replace Voicemail & You’ll Probably Miss It As Much As These Other Extinct Relics

iphonesIf there's nothing you hate more than a "new voicemail" notification, then you're gonna love this recent tech news: Apple is testing a new service that could mean the end of voicemail forever! (HOORAY!!)


It won't be ready until 2016, but the new service will use Siri to answer your calls and transcribe voicemail messages, then utilize Apple's iCloud service to send you the text of the transcribed voicemail. Pretty cool, right? Because, in case you aren't getting what this really means, it means you would theoretically never have to listen to a voicemail again. Ever. WHICH WOULD BE AMAZING.

Ultimately, though, it's just one more case of technology made extinct by the multitasking iPhone. We can think of at least five more of these casualties off the tops of our heads, like: 

  1. The watch. Sure, I know people still wear/collect/spend ridiculous amounts of money on watches, but is there really any need for watches at this point? The last watch I wore had Winnie-the-Pooh on it. True story.
  2. The calculator. Why drag around a whole separate apparatus when pretty much all your basic math needs are met on your iPhone? (Unless you're my teenage daughter, who has to have a graphing calculator for school, which costs a billion dollars, but anyway.)

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  3. The camera. Okay, this isn't strictly true -- not if you want really, truly amazing shots (or are hung up on film for some reason). But for moderately amazing shots, an iPhone is more than adequate -- plus, there are a multitude of filters available which are oh-so-handy for hiding imperfections!
  4. The calendar. Again, some of us will always want to have a paper calendar for jotting notes down and sticking reminders to, but for more streamlined types (or people who can never remember what they're doing from one minute to the next because they're just bad like that and no calendar is gonna help, like me), the calendar on most smartphones is perfectly sufficient. 
  5. The alarm clock. Is it doing our brains harm to sleep with our cell phones so close to our heads? Maybe, but I can't see going back to a big old clunky alarm clock when my phone has its own snooze button. 

There are so many more things our nifty iPhones are sending the way of the dodo, I can't even list them all. Besides, there'd just be a million more to add tomorrow! You could call me and tell me about them, but don't bother to leave a voicemail ... I won't be listening.


Image via Ricky Romero/Flickr

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