'What Would I Say' Facebook App Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself

Facebook can be stressful, man. Crafting the perfect status update is an art form, and there's no shortage of haters to slam your status if it's awful. If anyone even responds at all. Have no fear, the What Would I Say? Facebook status generator is here!


This nifty little tool combs your past status updates on Facebook, puts them through the wringer, and comes up with hilarious variations.

For example, mine seem to be all about God, Word documents, and meatballs. Amen. The fist time I tried it, it told me to post, "Laugh. Love. Pray. Drink a Word doc and meatballs for the Lord. -Psalm 271314."

I must have missed that verse in the Bible!

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Of course I had to keep clicking! Here are some of the best ones. I would totally cross stitch a few of these on some throw pillows. Maybe I should start an Etsy store? Just an idea...

Anyway, here I am being quite the philosopher:

And I'm not sure exactly what this is about, but anything about killing spiders is good. Spiders and I have a deal -- they stay outside and out of sight, they get to live. Otherwise it's the shoe for them.

I'm not sure how my 11-year-old (affectionately referred to as "Thing 1" quite frequently) is going to pay the bills, but I'm always down with Popsicles. Especially if they're for America.

And this. Always this. 

What would you say on Facebook?


Image via © Corbis

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