Woman Gives Birth to 10-Pound Baby While Her Husband Races Down the Highway (VIDEO)

OMG! A video uploaded to YouTube recently shows a woman giving birth to a 10-pound baby in her car while her husband drives and films the whole thing. They were trying to get to the birthing center, but this little guy was waiting for nothing.


Seriously, check out this insanity. There's no nudity, but there is birth "goo," so consider yourself warned if you're squeamish.


The incident took place on Beltway 8 in Houston, as the couple was trying to make it to the Bay Area Birthing Center. The dad (presumably) doesn't even stop driving until Mom has the baby in her lap!

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"Oh my gosh," she exclaims, as the man says, "We did it. High-five." Because I'm sure that's exactly what she was thinking at that moment. "He came out right in the car! Oh my God. You're beautiful! Oh my goodness! What do I do?" she continued.

It was their third child, and the baby boy weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds.


Image via i8thacookies/YouTube

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