Waiter's Touching Gesture To Sister of Fallen Solider Keeps His Memory Alive

At a innocuous Buffalo Wild Wings in Tacoma, Washington, a single opened bottle of Corona stands in an never-ending vigil for a brave soldier killed in Iraq. It sounds strange -- and it is -- but we promise this soldier story is as sad and as sweet as the rest.


It all started when a woman sat down at BWW alone and ordered two beers.

Her waiter, Brian Avey, told the woman that she couldn't order more than one beer at once. The rule makes sense, but the woman explained that the Corona was for her brother who died in Iraq, and she wouldn't actually be drinking it.

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So that's so awful and so sad -- can you even imagine being the waiter in that situation? It's hard to imagine what we would do, but this guy pulled through -- not only did he let her keep the Corona, but he even got Buffalo Wild Wings to comp the drink.

And it gets better -- the woman left a sweet note to the waiter thanking him for his actions. And Avey's boss agreed to let him leave the beer underneath the restaurant's American flag when he couldn't bear to throw it out.

A Military Woman came into my work today for Lunch, she ordered a Blue Moon and a Corona, I told her she could only do...

Posted by Brian Avey on Thursday, July 9, 2015

Uggghhhh. This story just has so many wonderful people involved in it, it's hard not to start tearing up. We love stories about people respecting and being nice to one another, and sometimes it doesn't feel like we get enough of those.


Image via Brian Avey/Facebook

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