Sisters Jump From Window Seconds Before Their House Goes Up in Flames (VIDEO)

girl jumpingI can't stop staring at these images even though the video nearly makes my heart stop. Someone caught the dramatic moments when two girls jumped out of their windows as their home burst into flames. You've got to see this.


The girls, most likely sisters, were trapped on the third floor of an apartment building that caught fire in Sandy Springs, Georgia. They pounded on the windows to break them, screaming, while neighbors urged them from below to jump into their waiting arms. 

11Alive cameras caught the action as the first girl, believed to be about 17 years old, plunged head-first to her rescuers on the decking below. Seconds later a younger girl leaped to safety. Within minutes, all 11 units in the building were incinerated, and 29 people had lost their homes.

But these girls still have their lives.

I can't help putting myself in the shoes of these girls' mother as I watch, and I feel a mixture of terror, relief, and gratitude to the neighbors who helped rescue them. Apparently their parents weren't home at the time. Can you imagine this happening when you leave your teen home to watch a sibling? Your worst nightmare.

I think of my own child, and the conversations we've had about how we would escape if our home caught on fire. I hope he never experiences an emergency like this one, but if he does, I hope he is brave enough to risk breaking some bones to save his life.

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Thankfully no one lost their life in this fire. The girls were taken to the hospital. Witnesses say the younger girl cut her leg wide open on the broken window glass. Both girls were so disoriented they couldn't even tell rescuers their mothers' phone number. Poor things! No word yet on their condition except that they are alive, but we hope they and everyone else affected are recovering well.

This is just another reminder for all of us to refresh our fire safety plans with our own families. Make sure your kids know how to escape, and make sure your smoke (and carbon monoxide) detectors are in good working order.


Do you remember the last time your family reviewed its fire safety plan?


Image via 11Alive

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