Pregnant Spider-Woman Proves Moms Really Can Do It All

pregnant spiderwomanIt's 2015, my fellow moms, and finally, finally, we are getting a pregnant superhero we deserve. Introducing Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman: "Parent by day, hero by night." She's on the cover of her forthcoming comic sporting some fly pink shades and, oh ... I'd say about eight months' worth of baby bump.


Check her out in all her third-trimester glory. She wears it well, don't you think? No word yet on who the father is, but ...

pregnant spiderwoman

Trolls may be screaming, "WHY! Why does the world need a pregnant superhero?!?" But those of us who have experienced pregnancy know the answer to this question all too well.

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Because. If you've clambered into a tractor, hauled out the garbage, climbed the corporate ladder, ridden the subway standing both ways through your entire commute, scaled mountains, run a 5K, chased toddlers, twerked, directed traffic, driven cross-country, and especially served in the military while pregnant, you already are a superhero.

But never mind that. What the preggers Spider-Woman means to me is expanding what it means to be a woman ... who happens to also be a mother. 

Remember in Avengers: Age of Ultron, how Hawkeye gets to be a husband and a father? No one says, "Gee, Hawkeye, should you really be out risking your life like that when you've got this family here?" Of course not. He's a dad, but he's also got all these other amazing powers and another calling in life. 

Well, so do mothers.

I'm not saying we should all be gallivanting around the city slinging webs and fighting crime and engaging in other fetus-threatening action. The point is, I think it's exciting every time we challenge our image of mothers. We're not all soft-focus, asexual caregiving machines. We're way more exciting and diverse than that.

I am reminded of the words of poet/rapper M.I.A., who said: "Just 'cause I'm a mom don't make me thick. I'm a overweight, heavyweight, female Slick Rick." We are not to be underestimated, am I right, mamas?

What do you think of pregnant Spider-Woman?


Image via Marvel

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