City Makes Sure Residents See Gay Pride Rainbow Everywhere They Walk

If you find plain, white-and-asphalt crosswalks boring and square, then Seattle might be the place for you. They are so over basic crosswalks, and in honor of Gay Pride Week this week, they've converted some of those basic white ones into colorful rainbows.


It sounds strange, but rainbows aren't exactly out of place in Seattle's Capitol Hill area, where the new crosswalks were installed. The neighborhood started attracting a gay counterculture way back in the '60s, and it's been the city's flagship LGBT neighborhood since then.

Seattle's mayor, Ed Murray (who's openly gay, as if this story could possibly get any sweeter), chose the 11 crosswalks because these particular locations were the sites of past assaults based on sexual orientation.

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So in honor of those sad events and to remind the area's LGBT residents that they have a home there, the crosswalks got a face-lift. And we love it.

Each paint job cost the city $6,000, but most people involved seem to agree that it was worth every cent. The crosswalks needed an update anyways, and they're permanent, unique, and important to the culture of the area. Also, they're beautiful.

West Hollywood had the same idea a couple of years ago, and so did Key West and San Francisco (naturally). Petition for this to happen everywhere?

Would you like to see something like this installed in your city?

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