Woman Finally Becomes a Mom Again at 92

Now in sappy sweet news sure to put a smile on your face, a 92-year-old woman has finally been granted legal status as the mother to the 76-year-old cousin she raised. A Dallas judge declared Muriel Clayton to be Mary Smith's mother, and both women squealed with delight as they embraced in a hug.


On Tuesday morning, family court judge Kim Cooks announced to the women, "The court grants the adoption and pronounces Muriel Banks Clayton and Mary Banks Smith as mother and daughter."

While new adoptees are usually given a teddy bear to commemorate their new legal status as a family member, this mother and daughter received white orchids instead.

Muriel said that she feels great, and, "This is what I have wanted to do for a long, long time, and now it has come to pass." Mary concurred, saying, "She has been Mom for a long time, and now it’s official."

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Mary came to live with her first cousin Muriel after her father died of a heart attack in 1950. She was just 11 years old, and her own mother had been in and out of treatments for mental illness for years. Muriel took her in and raised her as her own daughter, along with her four other young daughters.

"She was a sweet lady, a really great lady," Mary said of her biological mother, "But she just couldn't live in the real world."

Out of respect for her though, they waited until she died to make the adoption official. Several years passed since then, but Muriel decided this year that it was time. She said, "I got to thinking, you know, I need to make her legally mine before I go."

She explained about the late-in-life decision, "I'm a jigsaw puzzle person. And it's so wonderful when you snap that last piece in place and have a beautiful picture. This is the last piece of my puzzle."

I totally love this story, and it just goes to show that it's never too late to accomplish a life goal -- especially when it comes to your family.

Watch this sweet video to see the ladies declared mother and daughter at last.

What do you think of this adoption?


Image via Dallas News

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