College's Dress Code for Transgendered Students Is Stylishly Awesome (PHOTOS)

Every couple of months we get a nasty reminder about how unfair school dress codes often are for girls, and it stinks. Every single time. But one thing we don't hear about often is how hard it is for transgendered kids to dress in within their school's codes, and that's because most schools don't even give kids the opportunity to dress outside of strict boy/girl lines ... until now. 


Uh huh. Finally! The Bangkok University School of Fine and Applied Arts in Thailand decided that students of all gender identities deserved the same room to dress inside the school's codes (which they do) and they figured it was time to officially endorse gender fluid kids by showing examples of how transgendered students could wear the uniform (so they did).

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Their adorable advertisements show options for students dressing inside the traditional boy/girl norm, but they also have models rocking the "ladyboy" and "tomboy" looks. All are equally fab and obviously equally loved by the school:

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So basically it seems like they don't care who wears what as long as everyone looks neat and professional. And it works! The looks keep the uniformity the school wants to see while allowing for some interpretation, and they don't have to deal with shoving students into suits or skirts if they don't feel like they belong there. 

This is the future, guys. And it's beautiful.

What do you think of the school's dress code?


Images via Bangkok University School of Fine and Applied Arts/Facebook

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