Disney Bans Selfie Sticks from Rides – Wheeee!

The invention of the selfie stick was great for people too insecure to ask strangers to take their picture, but it's probably fair to say that everyone (EVERYONE) else hates them. Disney is the latest big name to add to the anti-seflie-stick ranks -- they've officially banned them from their amusement rides.


It's likely that no one's that upset to hear this -- those long black poles get in the way of views, cause huge crowd backups in the middle of the sidewalk, and undoubtedly become weaponized clubs on high-speed thrill rides. 

And that's really what this is all about -- selfie sticks, which reach out of rides far beyond the safe zone, are super dangerous on amusement rides.

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Also, they're obnoxious. Somehow it seems like the "thrilling" aspect of roller coasters would be lessened if you're spending more time framing your selfie and choosing a filter than actually enjoying the ride you waited in a three hour line for. Also, we're not HUGE fans of getting smacked in the face by a wayward iPhone. But maybe that's just us?

Allegedly, Disney employees have been instructed to remind passengers to stow away their sticks for some time, but apparently it's not working because they've resorted to signs instead:

The signs have been posted outside certain rides at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in Anaheim, adding to the list of museums and tourist attractions that have banned selfie sticks.

Do you think Disney's choice to ban selfie sticks was a good one?


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