Teen Says He Saw Jesus Just Before Doctors Were About to Declare Him Dead

Doctors are calling it a miracle, and one Texas teen says he can back up their claim: after collapsing in gym class and losing his pulse for 20 minutes, Zack Clements of Brownwood says he met Jesus, who had an incredible message for him.


Zack, 17, plays football at Victory Life Academy. He was running sprints in the gym during PE class in April when he suddenly collapsed and lost his pulse for 20 minutes and had to be airlifted to Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth. Doctors were about to declare him dead — and then the incredible happened.

A few days later, Zach woke up in the intensive care unit and told doctors and his family he had been saved. By Jesus.

While he was in between worlds for 20 minutes, he says he met a man with long, flowing hair and a thick beard. He says he immediately knew he was Jesus and that the man then walked toward him, put his hand on his shoulder, and told him not to worry because everything was going to be okay.

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As someone who doesn't have strong religious beliefs, I love this story and feel it's possible this teen's faith helped him pull through a difficult time. Any belief that gives you hope, a reason to fight, and fills you with love is a great one in my books.

Do you believe this teen saw Jesus?


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