Woman Cultivates Brilliant Plan to Make Sure Town Fixes Annoying Potholes (PHOTOS)


Potholes are the worst. For everyone. No one likes driving down pothole-y streets, but, to an equal extent, no one in City Hall seems likes filling them in very much. So the potholes remain. Unless your city has a genius artists willing to drive around and plant flowers in all the holes like one resident of Hamtramck, Michigan did.


Paige Breithart found the perfect solution to a very real problem: after busting a couple tires on all the potholes littering the city and not seeing anyone from the city government do anything about it, she found a peaceful way to protest: planting flowers. 

The result is a little bit odd to look at, but also really beautiful. Take a look:

Paige's solution is brilliant. Not only is she drawing attention to a very real problem, but she's doing it in a peaceful and unobtrusive way. (Thematically, not literally. The flowers were in the street and they did get crushed by cars eventually.)

It's a lesson a lot of people could stand to hear -- adults and children alike.

Paige isn't the first one to address a pothole problem this way -- there are people all across the country (and the world, actually) attacking the problem in the same way. And the results are just as stunning:

What do you think of filling in potholes this way? Would your city ever respond to it?


Images via: artistmac/Flickr (main); WXYZ Detroit/Twitter

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