Dad Does Some Quick Thinking After He Realizes He Left Baby in Car – Nearly An Hour Away

cars in parking lotHow does any parent accidentally leave their child in a car for hours at a time? A Boston-area father of two found out when he stepped off a commuter train and was walking to his office. "My heart sank," the anonymous dad says, when he realized he hadn't taken his one-year-old to daycare. She was still sitting in his car in the parking lot, a 30-minute train ride away.


The father desperately called the police on his mad dash back to the train and reported his mistake. He couldn't reach his wife by phone at work, so he sent her a text. Thankfully, officers were able to find his daughter and let him know she was all right as he made his way back to the parking lot. EMTs were playing with her as he arrived.

The distraught dad cried and hugged his daughter. His wife joined him soon after.

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The scary thing is, this was a danger the dad was already worried about. Whenever he heard about other parents forgetting their babies in the car he would think "It must be hell and you’ll never get over it. I definitely felt like it was not impossible.” 

He had thought about an app that would alert parents as they walked away from their car seat. (That's a great idea -- can someone please get on that??) “It’s kind of ironic to me that someone who’s worried about this in the past wound up doing it,” he told the Boston Herald.

In fact, he usually kept the baby bag in the front seat with him as a reminder, especially since he had to drop his four-year-old off at school as well. But on this particular day he was preoccupied, listening to the story about this weeks fatal train crash outside Philadelphia. And his baby had been playing with her bag, so he let her keep it.

Thank goodness everything turned out all right! It wasn't an especially hot or cold day. He wasn't gone long, and he remembered at the beginning of the day, rather than at the end. But it just goes to show you how easy it is for busy parents to do this. Moms and dads don't do this out of lack of love, or because they're self-absorbed. They do it because life is challenging and complicated.

But it would be nice if someone invented that app. It could save lives.

Have you ever accidentally forgotten your baby in the car -- or at least come close to doing that?


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