Elderly Man Calls 911 For Food & Gets Best Response Back

elderly man with phoneAfter spending months in the hospital for cancer treatments, an 81-year-old man returned home to an empty refrigerator and no one to help him. But with some quick thinking, he figured to call 911 for help. That's when he met the kindness of a stranger. The 911 operator that took the call showed up later at his home with groceries and plenty of support.


Clarence Blackmon told the operator: "I can't do anything. I can't go anywhere. I can't get out of my damn chair." Luckily, operator Marilyn Hinson was there, and willing, to lend a helping hand. She didn't dismiss the call. Instead, she spoke to her supervisor and received permission to leave work and bring Blackmon something to eat.

He simply requested cabbage, cans of beans and beets, popcorn, tomato juice, and soda. Hinson headed to the grocery store, and with the help of the local police department, brought Blackmon his food.

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He called his ham sandwich a "feast."

Is someone cutting onions around here? Because we're tearing up just a bit from this story.

It's tales like this that truly show off the kind hearts of others. And they're the kinds of stories we love to hear. One human, helping another human, out of the pure kindness. This was truly an emergency, and she stepped up to the plate to help. Major applause and thanks to Hinson.

As for Blackmon, he is due to receive a home health nurse who will be checking in on him twice a week, but for now, he has plenty of food so he won't be hungry.

What would you have done if you were in Hinson's shoes?


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