Woman Gets Amazing Proposal From Man Who Saved Her

Oh my gosh. This is one of those stories that could have ended entirely differently ... but it didn't. Melissa Dohme was busy getting ready to throw out the first pitch at Monday night's Tampa Bay Rays baseball game, when she got an even more amazing experience.


Her boyfriend Cameron Hill proposed to her! And this isn't just any regular story about a man proposing to the woman he loves, it goes far beyond that.

Back in January 2012, firefighter-paramedic Hill found Dohme after she had been stabbed 32 times by an ex-boyfriend. Melissa had broken up with her boyfriend who had been showing violent streaks, but she made the near-fatal mistake of agreeing to meet him for a "hug." That's when he stabbed her.

Thankfully, her life was saved, and she even found real love in the process. Hill was the one who came to her rescue, and eventually ended up being the love of her life.

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At the game on Monday night, he approached her with a huge grin, got down on one knee, and handed her a baseball with "Will you marry me" written on it. Swoon!

Dohme has previously told ABC News, "I had this feeling about him ... I don't even want to be upset about what happened to me because I met Cameron out of it. So I can't even look at is as anything bad anymore."

Take a look at these photos from what went down at this legedary proposal:

When Melissa Dohme was attacked by an ex-boyfriend in 2012, an EMT named Cameron Hill came to her rescue and helped save...

Posted by Tampa Bay Rays on Monday, 11 May 2015

Dohme is an advocate for domestic violence survival, and was representing Hands Across the Bay at Monday night's game. After the surprise proposal to her now long time boyfriend, she wrote on Facebook, "He made up a huge plan and I HAD NO IDEA. None. Zip. Nada! 10000% surprised and I'm blown away. So in love ... THIS was not even in my frame of mind. He got me...big time!! I love you so much, my fiancé! Cameron Hill."

Are you happy for this couple?

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, or someone you know is, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 for help.

Image via Melissa Dohme/Twitter

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