10 Most Horrifyingly Inappropriate Places to Take a Selfie (PHOTOS)

Caroline Olney | Jul 15, 2015 Good News
10 Most Horrifyingly Inappropriate Places to Take a Selfie (PHOTOS)

funeral selfieAh, the age of the selfie. We can get behind bedroom selfies and bathroom selfies (and will even admit to taking a few of our own), but there is a time and a place for that front-facing camera ... and more than a few people who don't seem to understand that.

If you're wondering where THE most inappropriate place to take a selfie is, well ... we have some options for you to consider. These people might be lookin' great, but they also don't realize that sometimes, it's okay to keep that stuff to yourself. Prepared to cringe? Then you can proceed.

Image via Jenny Miler/YouTube

  • #gaschamberselfie


    Image via John Quirke/Twitter

    Pro-tip on being a decent human being: Don't take a selfie in an Auschwitz gas chamber where millions of people died. Also, tagging it "#respect" doesn't make it respectful.

  • #wildfireselfie


    Image via NotCharlieSturm/Twitter

    All right, here's one that's not only SUPER DANGEROUS, but also a little insensitive to the people whose houses are being burned behind him, don't you think?

    @NotCharlieSturm posted this to Twitter with the caption, "Visited the Sullivan County fire last night. Was gettin wild #sullivanfire #pinebushablaze #shescooked"

  • #bullchaseselfie


    Image via Jenny Miler/YouTube

    One guy took a selfie while he was being chased by a bull, and he got trampled because of it. Don't worry, though -- he's okay now, and he got a pretty good photo out of it. Still, not recommended for viewers at home.

  • #funeralselfie


    Image via Instagram/

    Yep, #funeralselfie is a pretty depressing hashtag that exists on Instagram. Apparently, this girl's brother "refused to take a #funeralselfie" with me," and we gotta say, he seems like the more reasonable sibling in this family.

    Also, P.S., remember when Obama took a selfie at Nelson Mandela's memorial? Good times.

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  • #urnselfie


    In a thrilling follow-up to #funeralselfies, here's a cool selfie someone took with their grandmother's ashes. Lots of questions here. First, why are you sunbathing with your grandmother's ashes? Second, why'd ya take a selfie of it?

  • #holocaustselfie


    Image via The Fumble/Twitter

    You can thank basketball star Danny Brown for this selfie at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. He did apologize on Twitter for it afterward, but still ... "lol"? Really, Danny?

  • #burglaryselfie


    Image via Imgur.com

    Two girls from Sweden snapped a quick selfie with a 12-inch knife before they robbed a burger joint. And surprise! they were caught. But hey -- at least it wasn't DURING the robbery, right? 

  • #housefireselfie


    Image via Selfiesatserioiusplaces/Tumblr

    If you're ever wondering whether you should take a selfie while someone's house burns down in the background: Don't.

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  • #zimmermanselfie


    Image via mollywestttt/Instagram

    If you remember, the 2013 George Zimmerman trial was fraught with enough tension even before the defense lawyer's daughter posted a selfie with her dad after first day of trial. The lawyer, Don West, and his daughter both apologized for the selfie and it was taken down after it went viral a couple days later.

  • #pilotselfie


    Image via CNN.com

    One pilot in a small plane over Colorado was taking selfies WHILE flying the plane aaannnddd it crashed, killing the pilot and one passenger. So guys? Don't take selfies while you're flying a plane.

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