'How Old Robot' Guesses Your Age When You Upload a Photo: Try It!

Have you ever wondered how old you really look? Not that I ever flat-out ask anyone how old they think I look, but given people's reactions, I'd say I look anywhere from 20 to 40. I'm 32, by the way. Sometimes I get called 'ma'am' by the youngin' bagging my groceries, which does make me feel decidedly old ... but I still do occasionally get carded for wine, so there's that!


Microsoft's new website, how-old.net, is taking a stab at how old you really look, based on the picture that you upload. I'd love to believe that it's totally accurate, since it said I looked 22 in my profile picture here on The Stir, but then again, it thought my 7-year-old daughter is 11.

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Just to test the accuracy of this age-guessing robot, I uploaded several pics of myself and my daughters. Just for reference, I'm 32 (like I mentioned ... why am I giving away my age on the Internet again?), and my daughters are 11- and 7-years-old.

Hey, they were only a year off with my youngest in this pic! But I'm pretty sure my junior-higher would be upset to learn she looks just seven. Almost as upset as her mama is to be 36!

This one was taken when my baby was about a month away from turning seven. Not accurate. Not accurate at all!

Ever feel like you're a nobody without makeup? Here's a makeup-free selfie of me and my oldest, and the program refused to even acknowledge my existence!

Holy Shnickees! They got this one right! (There's a first time for everything.)

It just goes to show that no one is a totally accurate judge of how old you really are -- not even robots.

How old do you look?


Images via Jenny Erikson

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