Male Version of 'Hooters' Has Us All Hot, Bothered, & Hungry

For years, men have been having fun at dining establishments like Hooters and the Tilted Kilt, where the food is greasy, the beer is cold, and the waitresses are hot. Now it's our turn, ladies! A male version of Hooters is opening in Dallas, and beefcake is on the menu.


The restaurant is called Tallywackers (because of course), and is slated to open in May. It's in the Dallas gayborhood, Oak Lawn, but that doesn't mean we ladies can't go to get our fill of eye candy!

Besides, no one said the hunky, half-dressed waiters will be gay, so in our imagination, they're all straight. It's not like we're going home with them anyway -- it's all in good fun. Come for the food, stay for the eye candy for dessert!

Who needs a #WCW when you can enjoy the men of Tallywackers!! We'll take #WackyWednesday instead ;)

Posted by Tallywackers on Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Huffington Post reports that the menu will include items such as pasta, pizza, and hot dog. They also said that a spokesperson for Tallywackers commented on why the owner decided to open such an (obviously needed) establishment.

Apparently he was inspired while "enjoying the business we all know and love as 'Hooters.'"

"He asked himself the same question we've all been asking for years: 'Why isn't there a male version for the opposite demographic?'" the spokesperson said. "After thorough planning and scouting for the perfect location, we are excited to launch Tallywackers, a bar, restaurant, and live entertainment venue here in the heart of Dallas, Tex."

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Even though the eatery will be in a predominantly gay neighborhood, Tallywackers is "expecting and [will] welcome a diverse clientele, including women."

Dang straight, they better! Why should men have all the fun? Girls want to be waited on by hot waiters they can mildly flirt with and enjoy their time out. Nothing wrong with that!

Would you dine at Tallywackers?


Image via ©Roy McMahon/Corbis

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