Woman Saves Husband's Life After Having Eerie 'Sixth Sense' Feeling That He's in Serious Danger

On Monday morning, Nicole Mayhew knew she had to get home from work right away. No particular reason why -- she just felt a strong urge to go. The Saratoga Springs, Utah resident told ABC News, "I had this feeling come over me that I needed to go home and check on my husband."


It's a good thing she did, because her husband was trapped under the crushing weight of their SUV. The 43-year-old had been working on it when the jack slipped and trapped underneath, with six broken ribs and other internal injuries.

He'd been trapped for an hour and a half by the time his wife got home and called 911. "I was kind of on my side, reaching for a wrench when the car started to come down ... I couldn't move at all ... There was a lot of pain. I felt the car crushing me."

He continued, "I just knew if I hung on long enough, my prayers would be answered and she would know to come home."

The mom-of-three panicked when she saw him, but said later, "I was scared, but since I could hear him, I knew he was still alive ... I kind of heard him say, 'Help me, love.'"

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With a neighbor's help, the managed to life the car off of him before emergency responders got there. One of the paramedics, Chad Pate, said, "I consider him extremely lucky ... I really think with her coming home as fast as she did in the time that she did, he could have lost his life had he been under the car much longer than that."

Holy moly -- that's some pretty dang good intuition! Scott said of Nicole, "She's a very strong woman and I'm lucky to have her," but she believes their faith in God saved his life. "I think God was watching us that day," she said. "I'm so thankful for that."

We're betting Scott is grateful too.

Do you think this woman really felt like she needed to go home and check on her husband, or could it have been coincidence?


Image via Fox 13 Salt Lake City

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