Woman Searches for Her Biological Mother for Years & Discovers She's Her Coworker (VIDEO)

Imagine spending your whole life wondering who your mother is -- only to find out she works a few cubicles away. That's essentially what happened to 38-year-old La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark of Youngstown, Ohio, who had wondered who her biological mother was ever since she found out she was adopted as a child. After a bit of detective work, Mitchell-Clark was shocked to discover that her mother was ... her coworker!


After getting ahold of her original birth certificate, Mitchell-Clark was able to see her bio mom's name: Francine Simmons. Of course she then turned to what most of us do when we want to sniff out someone's trail: Facebook. She found a Francine Simmons and saw that not only did the woman live in the same town ... she worked at the same company!

Mitchell-Clark thought of a Francine who worked at her company, InfoCision. The two would often come into contact at company events and just the regular workday. But was this really her biological mother? What were the odds?

Mitchell-Clark contacted some mutual Facebook friends and asked them to ask Simmons to call her. When she did, Mitchell-Clark opened with, "I think I'm your daughter." Wow! Imagine getting that call! Check it out:

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Brings tears to your eyes, doesn't it? While some mothers who give up their kids might not be open to this kind of thing, Simmons luckily was, and now Mitchell-Clark has a whole family she never knew. In fact, a half-sister worked with her too!

I wonder if this was the universe's way of making sure these two finally met -- because, seriously, what are the odds that they not only lived six minutes apart, and would pass each other on the way to the company bathroom?

I guess this is also a lesson in being nice to your coworkers -- you never know who they might be!

Do you think this was fate?

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