Mother Meets Daughter 50 Years After Believing She Died (VIDEO)

Need a nice cry today? This story's got you covered. Zella Jackson Price, 76, gave birth to her daughter 49 years ago but was then led to believe the infant had died in the hospital. Instead, little Melanie Diane Gilmore was adopted by another family. Now, the mother and daughter are meeting for the first time, after almost 50 years apart.


The reunion has been a long time in the making. Zella tells Fox 2 Now in St. Louis that she is hurt by the time the two have spent apart, but the reunion is a sweet moment for the duo.

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It all started when Gilmore voiced her wishes to her kids. The two then searched online until the found the story of Zella Price, and confirmed Gilmore was their mother with a DNA swab test.

They posted their reveal to their mom online and the video has gone viral. Take a look:

My mom met her biological mother for the first time on oovoo. She has never met her mom nor knew that her mother was...

Posted by Melika Jackson on Friday, March 6, 2015

But the real magical moment happened just this week when the two finally met in person. The reunion? Bittersweet, but only full of happy tears. Check out the special moment:

The two have decided to start an investigation into how the hospital led Zella to believe her daughter had passed but for now, it's exciting to say that the two are back together!

How do you think this could have happened? 


Image via Fox 2 Now St. Louis

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