Single Mom Thinks Basketball Star's Touching 'Gift' Is a Joke at First

Kerstin Gonzalez's car didn't start this morning ... not that that's unusual. What was unusual was that not too long after, she met basketball's MVP Russell Westbrook at a community care center in Oklahoma City. Even crazier? He handed her the keys to a brand new car that she desperately needed.


The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard was named MVP of the NBA All-Star game in February, and won a new Kia along with the title. But then he did something you don't see too often: he realized he didn't need a new car, and found somebody who did.

And Kerstin Gonzalez couldn't be a more worthy candidate -- or a more grateful one.

She's only 19 years old, but already has two sons, a job, and no high school diploma. In between working and caring for her kids (by herself, by the way), Gonzalez has been finishing school and applying to colleges.

And she really needed a new car.

Westbrook found Gonzalez through a community care center she uses called Sunbeam Family Services. He said he wanted to find someone in the Oklahoma City community who needed a leg up, and Gonzalez fit the bill.

Apparently, she thought it was a prank at first. But really. Who wouldn't think that was a prank?

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Westbrook is a pretty good guy all around -- aside from being basketball's reigning superstar, he runs an active charity called Why Not? that empowers young kids facing hardships.

He's also, apparently, one of the least selfish celebs on the planet. And did we mention he's adorable? He's adorable.

Everyone who knows her has nothing but good things to say about Gonzalez, saying she's humble and deserves this stroke of good luck. And she was smitten with Westbrook, too -- even after giving her the car, he stuck around to play around with her kids and listen to her story.

Westbrook's gift is so inspiring, and something about it feels so much more genuine than just donating a lump of money to a charity. Not that that's bad, of course -- we're just glad he got to see Gonzalez's happy face.

Have you ever gotten a gift that changed your life?


Image via OKCThunder/Twitter

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