NFL Hires First Female Official & She's a Mom of 3! (PHOTO)

NFL football field

According to several sources, the NFL has hired Sarah Thomas as an official for regular season games -- this is a first. Sarah has been an official for preseason games and has worked on the college-level for years, but this mom of three has now broke boundaries by becoming the first full-time woman official ever. Talk about a role model mom!


Go Sarah Thomas! This makes me so happy. This is exactly what kids need to see -- both boys and girls. You don't have to be male to be an official -- you just have to have a love and knowledge of the game. There aren't "boy" jobs and "girl" jobs -- there are simply jobs that anyone can take an interest in and succeed in. The same goes for toys, but that's a whole other debate.

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Sarah is 42-years-old and is from Brandon, Mississippi. She's married and has three kids -- two sons and a daughter. She also works as a pharmaceutical sales representative. And she's always been into sports having attended the University of Mobile on a basketball scholarship. Sarah became the first woman to officiate a college bowl game and now she is setting another record.

I love seeing barriers broken -- doors and opportunities should be open to the best candidates regardless of gender or orientation or color or class. An official announcement is expected from the NFL soon, but we can't help but start celebrating now.

What do you think of the NFL picking Sarah Thomas as its first female official?


Image via Mr. Usaji/Flickr

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