‘Homeless’ Marine Is Stunned When Cop There to Give Him Ticket Helps Instead (VIDEO)

When a police officer in Eugene, Oregon saw a man sitting in his car in a park, he only had one thing in mind: Getting the man to leave. It was illegal to be in the park after dark and dark was quickly encroaching. But then the cop saw something else: two young children in the car. After speaking to the man, a former Marine, he knew he had to do something else rather than just kick them out. He had to help.


The officer, Lt. David Natt, approached the car, and realized that there was an entire family inside, including Robert Wood, his pregnant wife, and 4-year-old and 2-year-old. After explaining to them that they would have to leave the park, he began talking to the man.

It turns out that Robert had relocated to Oregon from Alaska, but the family still hadn't found a place to live. So rather than waste money on a hotel, they decided to sleep in their car.

It was then that the cop did something amazing. Here's how Wood told the story on his Facebook page:

I had my 4-year-old curled up sleeping on my lap and my 2-year-old was sleeping on my wife's lap in the passenger seat. When he saw the kids he told me that he was going to buy us a hotel room. I told him that I didn't want that and that I had money in the bank and would feel guilty taking his charity. I told him we just got off the road from Alaska and we're still looking for a place to rent. He told me he'd like to do it anyways and that the police department had a fund just for situations like this.

But Wood was a proud (and stubborn) man. In fact, he was a former Marine. He mentioned this. And that's when Natt said something Wood wasn't expecting -- that he too had been a Marine. They had even been in the same unit, only ten years apart.

It was that more than anything that got Wood to listen to Natt -- and to accept his help. Wood finally capitulated and allowed Natt to pay for a hotel room for two nights out of his own pocket.

Those two nights seem to have bought Wood the extra time he needed to find a place, and reportedly he and his family now have a home.

Wood says he will never forget the kind spirit of Officer Natt. He wrote on Facebook:

There are bad characters in all walks of life, but never believe that the police are there to hurt you. Those men and women who choose to wear body armor and help people do so with good courageous hearts.

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It seems like it took a former Marine to teach his Marine that it's not weak to accept help -- especially when your kids are involved. It's strong.

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