Man Wins $7 Million From Lottery Ticket Gifted To Him -- Should He Share? (VIDEO)

This is one surefire way to make someone feel better. A man is a newly-minted multimillionaire after his father slipped a lottery ticket into his get-well card -- and the ticket turned out to be worth $7 million. I don't know about you, but I'd definitely be getting out of bed if I saw that one -- though I'd probably call in sick to work -- permanently!


Joseph Amorese of Easton, Pennsylvania was at home recovering from recent surgery when his father, like a good dad, sent him a nice get-well card. Tucked inside was a lottery ticket, which his dad usually includes his cards.

Amorese scratched off the card and went into deep shock when he was that he was a $7 million winner. He immediately called his father and sent him a pic of the ticket to double check. When his father confirmed, he called his wife, Jodi, and told her the news. There was a long pause on the phone. "She was too stunned to talk," he told ABC News.

Amorese's dad wouldn't comment on whether or not his son would split the money with him, but hey, he's at least owed a finder's fee, eh? I'd probably offer him, oh, a million or so. If he wasn't happy with that, well, screw him! Just kidding. This doesn't sound like the kind of family that is going to go to war over a lottery ticket. The dad says he's just happy for his son, and I believe him. Though he's probably raging and crying hysterically into his glass of Bourbon right now. Kidding, people! Your kid becomes rich, you're happy for your kid, end of.

Still, you gotta wonder. Buying that ticket and then giving it away. That kinda sucks. And although this son and dad sound like they get along like gangbusters -- not all parents and kids do.

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I'd definitely offer to split it with anyone who bought it for me, but I don't think it's an obligation. It's just being polite. Heck, someone else just made you filthy rich, least you can do is make them rich back.

Would you share?

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