Navy Veteran Who Had Wheelchair Stolen Gets Heartwarming Surprise from Cops (VIDEO)

A Navy veteran who had his wheelchair stolen from a supermarket parking lot was overwhelmed with gratitude and surprise when he was presented with a new one by police officers in Taylorsville, Utah.


Roy Feragen, 84, can walk but very unsteadily and was inside the store when a couple stole his motorized wheelchair. Officer Mike Wersland took it upon himself to try to get him a new one.

Feragen served on aircraft carriers back in the 1950s, but when his motorized vehicle disappeared, he thought he would be homebound. Little did he know that the first officer to respond to the crime scene, Officer Wersland, was quietly working behind the scenes to get him a new wheelchair. ended donating the $1,800 wheelchair. Now the police wanted to surprise him with it. They invited him to the stationhouse by telling him he had to look at evidence -- but when he arrived, he was stunned by the site of his brand new wheelchair instead.

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Here we have both sides of humanity starkly portrayed: The callousness of people who would actually have the cold hearts to steal a wheelchair; and the goodness of the police officers who would go out of their way to get the victim a new one.

Feragen described his new chair as "like having a party."

The couple have yet to be caught but whether it's karma or cops, one or both is bound to catch up with them soon.

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