Woman Finishes Last in 10K Race & It's the Best News We've Heard All Day (VIDEO)

police officer asia ford finish line"Nothing is easy in life," says Asia Ford, a mom who has struggled with her weight for many years -- she was nearly 500 pounds at her heaviest. But after her husband lost a limb to diabetes, she decided that she had to get healthy. One of her goals was to finish the Rodes City Run in Louisville, Kentucky. She was in last place and felt sick, and Lt. Aubrey Gregory asked her if she wanted to stop. Asia said No! She found the strength she needed to finish the 10K race with support. It's a beautiful expression of human kindness -- strangers helping strangers -- and how with the help of others, we can do almost anything.


Lt. Gregory saw her struggling with two miles to go. But because she didn't want to quit, he wasn't going to let her quit. He got out of his squad car and she grabbed his hand. I'm not sure it's that hand that Asia needed or maybe it was simply knowing that she is supported, she's not alone, she not only has her family but her community behind her. We are all in this life together, and as Asia said "nothing is easy." But kindness to others makes it all a little better, gives us that boost to carry on.

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With her son and Lt. Gregory, Asia kept on toward her goal -- that finish line. They shared stories along the way with the Lieutenant sharing his story about how he lost his mother to diabetes. The emotions going through them during this walk probably helped them all power on, in more ways than one.

Asia finished the race. She achieved her goal. This is monumental. It's life-changing. It is exactly what she needed to carry on, to continue her goals to get healthier.

I love that Lt. Gregory let her walk on her own to cross the finish line. What a powerful image, what a touching story. I got teary. Letting her walk on her own was a statement saying that this is Asia's accomplishment, she had the strength to get there, and while he did support her for part of the race, it's her perseverance that enabled her to finish. Again, we all need support along the way. Louisville's Mayor Greg Fischer shared the incredible photo of them walking together. And Asia shared words of thanks and inspiration on her Facebook page:

I just want to thank Asia for not giving up, for being a great example to everyone working hard to get healthy, to be better for themselves and for their kids. And I want to thank Lt. Gregory for his beautiful gesture of kindness. We all need to support each other, give each other the strength and courage to carry on in all the difficult and challenging situations in life. May this inspire all of us to be kind and support one other in ways big and small -- it always yields an incredible outcome. Never give up!

Have you been the recipient of an act of kindness from a stranger like Asia? How has that act helped you?

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