Powerful Women & Girls Disappear to Show 'We're #NotThere Yet' (PHOTOS)

You might have noticed that on Sunday, a lot of women disappeared from the Internet. In their place were white silhouettes, and for a couple hours we got the chance to see what the Internet would look like if women weren't there. That's thanks to the Clinton Foundation's Not There campaign, which used the disappearance of women on the Internet to show us that we need to start noticing where they're missing from other areas as well.


Kind of scary, right? Well, yeah. It's supposed to be. The campaign landed on International Women's Day, and it preluded this morning's release of the No Ceilings Full Participation Report, which put together data and stories that highlight where we're at right now with gender equality across the world.

And where might that be? Well, further than we were. But also probably not far enough.

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It's been 20 years since Hillary Clinton stood up in front of United Nations Conference on Women in Beijing and famously said "women's rights are human rights." And since then, the quality of life for women across the world is unmistakable better. But it's still not where it should be.

The U.S. is still one of nine countries that doesn't offer paid maternity leave, and women still make up less than one-third of STEM fields globally. One in three women is the victim of sexual violence, and the workforce gender gap hasn't changed in 20 years. The U.S. Congress is less than 20 percent women, even though we make up half of the population. Problematic? For sure. Fixable? The Clinton's like to think so.

The Clinton Foundation encouraged sites like Vogue and Refinery 21 to remove all traces of women from their websites for a few hours on Sunday morning, while women all over the world replaced their social media avatars with white silhouettes. And slowly, as women dropped off the Internet, it reminded us that they're missing from other areas as well.

So what would the world look like without the superwomen of the past 20 or so years? Maybe something like this:

We're not there with gender equality yet, but we can be with a little more work and awareness, which is what the campaign is all about.

What does the #NotThere campaign mean to you?


Image via Time

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