Delightfully Inappropriate 'McCall's Pattern Behavior' Tumblr Is Worth Every Time-Wasting Minute

mccalls pattern behavior tumblerMcCalls's Pattern Behavior is the hilarious new Tumblr that pairs hysterically inappropriate captions with vintage sewing pattern photos. If you haven't already, you must take a gander.


You're not going to learn anything from this -- yes -- time-wasting blog, but you definitely will enjoy a few hearty laughs. Whoever is behind this nails the tongue-in-cheek dialogue with the weird and outdated fashion pictures.

pattern behavior

 pattern behavior

pattern behavior

Perfect. In the vein of Drunk J.Crew and Your L.L. Bean Boyfriend, it's such a random idea, but man, is it funny. Totally get why everyone has been talking about this. This is worth every non-working minute.

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It's only a matter of days before the next viral video/blog/meme hits the Internet, but until then, I'm sticking with this one. And maybe even after then. This bad boy's gonna be hard to top.

pattern behavior


How hilarious is this Tumblr?


Images via McCall's Pattern Behavior/Tumblr

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