95-Year-Old Grandma Makes the Sweetest Maid of Honor Ever (VIDEO)

Jamie Jacobs had the absolute best bridal party for her Manhattan wedding. Instead of a large group of bridesmaids, it consisted of one very special person -- her grandmother. 95-year-old Dorothy Shapiro walked down the aisle as Jacobs' matron of honor, and said she considered it to be the honor of her life.


Jacobs said the idea stemmed from her inability to narrow down her friend list to a manageable number of bridesmaids. "I had so many friends, I couldn't narrow it down," she said. "I couldn't have 15 bridesmaids, but my grandmother is on another level."

Dorothy was featured in a New York Times "Vows" video, her spunk and sass for life apparent after nearly a century on the planet. "That was one of the biggest honors that a grandmother could have -- that she chose me, an old lady!" she exclaimed to the camera, and we dare you not to smile with happiness over her enthusiasm.

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After some worry about being able to make it down the aisle, Dorothy called herself a "real trouper," and shared that she was even able to dance.

Take a look at this super sweet video:

Isn't she the sweetest, most adorable matron of honor you've ever seen? We're thinking her granddaughter couldn't have picked a better bridesmaid.

Would you consider letting your grandmother be your matron of honor?


Image via The New York Times/Facebook

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