Teen Stops at Target to Buy Tie for Interview & Gets SO Much More

One of the greatest things we can do for a teenager is teach him to be independent and take care of himself. A worker at a Target in Raleigh, North Carolina, named Cathy Scott, proved that it takes a village—and that that's a good thing—when she reportedly taught a teen on his way to his first job interview a crucial life skill: how to tie a tie.


Scott said the young man was on his way to a job interview at Chick-fil-A when he stopped at Target to purchase a clip-on tie because, like lots of teen boys, he had no idea how to tie a real tie. The only problem was that the home goods and grocery store didn't carry clip-ons.

Instead of ushering him out of the store, Scott came to his aid and encouraged him to purchase a tie. She then took time from her break and adjusted the tie on his neck so that he looked professional for his interview.

And that's not where the act of kindness ended.

Other Target employees reportedly heard about the teen's nerve-wracking interview and took time from their breaks to help prep him by giving him solid advice like "look the interviewer in the eye" and always use a "firm handshake" when introducing yourself. They even tucked in his shirt for him.

A Target shopper named Audrey Mark, who was shopping at the store while all of this was going on, knew it was a special moment that should be documented and shared and snapped this photo of the teen getting a helping hand that has since gone viral:

This is what living is all about: helping others and seeing to it that, if we're in any position to do so, we look after each other and help young people get ahead. What a sweet team of caring workers.

Hoping this young man scored the job he wanted!

What do you think about what these Target workers did for this teen? Does it surprise you?


Image via Hector Alejandro/Flickr

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