Telemarketer Randomly Calls Woman & Ends Up Saving Her Life (VIDEO)

No one looks forward to getting a call from a telemarketer -- but in this case, it saved a woman's life. It all started when a telemarketer from Americare Health and Nutrition in Las Vegas randomly dialed a woman in Oregon. But as soon as the woman picked up, the telemarketer knew something was wrong.


The telemarketer said that when the young lady in Oregon picked up the phone, she didn't hear a hello. Instead, she heard, "Please, please, please."

Once she realized the woman wasn't speaking to her, she felt something was off and called over her supervisor, Tina Garcia. They then heard a man yell, "Get up!"

At this point, they began to realize the woman was in real trouble. Garcia told news media:

It was very, very frightening. That young lady was helpless. You could actually hear the blows as if he was hitting a punching bag, and she was terrified.

While a few salespeople listened in, others called the police. It took them awhile to track down someone locally, since the abuse was happening 900 miles away. Garcia says:

We were not going to hang up this phone on the young lady at all. As far as I was concerned, and the people in that room, we were the only lifeline.

She says she heard the woman whimper, "I don't want to die."

Finally, they were able to reach the right sheriff's deputy, and when the cops got to the house, they were just in time.

"I feel like it was almost like divine intervention," said Garcia's boss, Mario Gonzalez.

Police found Warren Ruck holding the victim, who was gasping for air, from behind. He also allegedly had a gun and had threatened to kill her.

The victim said her phone was in her pocket the entire time and she had no idea how the police had just miraculously shown up at her home. Given that her phone was in her pocket, she hadn't even answered it herself, she must have hit it just right. A miracle indeed! What were the odds a telemarketer would call at that exact moment?

Gonzalez says the telemarketers were all "rejoicing" when they heard the woman was okay.

Wow, someone was looking out for this young lady. Hopefully she will take her second chance at life by getting away from this douchebag.

Kudos to these strangers who saved this woman. This is one time a telemarketing call was completely welcome!


Image via ABC7

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