Pizza Delivery Guy Gets Karmic Justice on Customers Who Bully Him Into Returning Tip (VIDEO)

Car dealership employees who had their rude behavior to a pizza delivery guy backfire spectacularly now face firings and investigations while the pizza delivery guy continues to get rich. Call that Internet justice! The same forces at work that made bullied bus monitor Karen Klein a very wealthy hero seem to be churning here as pizza delivery guy Jarrid Tansey found himself being humiliated and berated by a bunch of car dealership employees who thought he "stole" a tip.


Tansey had delivered a couple of pizzas to the dealership, F &R Auto Sales in Westport, Massashusetts, and when employees handed him $50 (two twenties and two fives) on a $42 and change bill, Tansey walked out assuming the extra was a tip. But it wasn't!

Enraged that the guy left with the extra cash, employees at the dealership called his manager and made him turn around and bring the money back to them.

Tansey calmly tries to explain his actions to the group while they shame and berate him as if he'd stolen an old lady's purse instead of perhaps made a simple mistake. Plus, what WERE they going to tip him? Seven dollars seems perfectly reasonable on that bill. And why hand him an extra $5 if it wasn't for him?

The employees probably rue the day they threaten Jarrid with the fact that the entire exchange is being recorded on surveillance cam, since that is exactly what brings them to Internet infamy.

After Jarrid hands back the money and politely leaves the premises, a woman threatens to "put my foot in your ass."

Well, the Internet went WILD. The video went viral. Droves descended upon Yelp and Google plus to leave masses of brutal (but hilarious) one-star reviews of the dealership. The dealership's number got on the Internet and who knows how many started calling, they had to take the phone off the hook.

Tansey, 23, who works two jobs and has a 16-month-old baby, appeared on Good Morning America. And, of course, someone started a fundraiser to get him his tip money (many people are donating $7, the amount he had to return). But now he could actually quit his job: After only two days, Tansey is over $20,000 wealthier.

Meanwhile, the dealership is scrambling to rescue its reputation. The owner, Gary Batista, has publicly released an apology ... and also says the woman who threatened Tansey has been fired. Also, the owner is also investigating why another man inside the dealership who was issuing threats was there since he's not an employee. Sounds like more heads will roll.

Remember, people: If you're going to try and be an Internet star, you want to be on the good side. Be on the dark side and watch your career and livelihood go down the drain. The Internet does NOT mess around.

Check out the video:

Image via LiveLeak

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