Mysterious Notes Lead Neighbors to Save Woman & Dying Son (VIDEO)

They say it takes a village, and this is one village you totally want to live in. J.D. McCoy, who lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was befuddled when she opened her mailbox to find a mysterious note inside. The handwritten note, jotted on a torn piece of paper, contained grocery items and an address. McCoy had no idea what the note could mean. She decided to post it on Nextdoor, an app that allows neighbors to know what is happening in their community. What she heard then surprised her.


It turns out other neighbors had received similar scraps of paper -- all of them left in their mailboxes, with food items and a local address listed.

The neighbors began wondering what, if anything, they should do. Did the cryptic message mean food items were needed at that particular location?

Taking a risk, the neighbors decided to band together to shop for the food items on the list and take it to the address. McCoy told KFOR:

You know it’s kind of a chance you take to give somebody something. You don’t know them. You don’t really know anything.

McCoy and some other neighbors visited the home and were greeted by Sue Munn, who lived in the house with her son. It turns out her son (his age is unclear) is the one who wrote the notes and put them in everyone's mailboxes.

The reason he did it is really sad -- Munn and her son were down to their last $10 and didn't have enough money to buy food. Reportedly, Munn's son is dying of stomach cancer, and he desperately wanted to help his mom but didn't know how. Until he thought of this.

Well, it worked. The neighbors delivered two cars full of groceries to the Munn house. They have also vowed to keep up with Munn, whose vision is going cloudy due to diabetes. They want to take her to her doctors' appointments. Munn told KFOR:

It means a lot to me. It means that somebody cares. And God brings them to help when nobody has anything.

Aww, how sweet. Makes you just want to move there to be around those awesome neighbors, doesn't it? Kind of reminds me of the end of It's a Wonderful Life.

And how brilliant and creatively resourceful did Munn's son turn out to be?!

Image via KFOR

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