Strangers Bring Drowned 4-Year-Old Girl Back to Life After Crash (VIDEO)

A little girl was brought back from death thanks to caring strangers who rushed over to help a desperate mom in need. Chasity White was driving in Jackson, Mississippi, when her little girl, Helena, pointed to a picture she drew. Like most moms would have done, White took her eyes off the road for a split second to glance at the drawing, but when she turned back, she saw she was veering off the road. She pulled the steering wheel, overcorrected the car, and veered into a water-filled ditch.


White managed to crawl out of the car but couldn't get her 4-year-old daughter out, so she began screaming and crying for help.

A neighbor who lived across from the crash site was the first to hear her. Sherry Jackson told WBRC:

When you hear another mama screaming about my baby, you're going, it don't matter, you just go.

She and several other neighbors who heard the terrified mom's cries rushed over to the car. They worked to cut the little girl free from her child seat restraints, but multiple knives were too dull to do the job. Objects in the car were also blocking the rescuers from getting close enough to her.

Finally, the Good Samaritans were able to cut her free, but by that time, the girl had been submerged in water for what they estimate to be 10 minutes.

When they managed to pull the girl from the wreck, she was limp, blue, and not breathing.

The crew pulled the girl to the road and performed CPR and chest compressions on her. After about five heart-stopping minutes, she began breathing, much to everyone's immense relief.

Her life had been saved by perfect, and wonderful, strangers. Jackson was especially helpful since she is required to know CPR for her job. At this point, first responders got to the scene.

The girl is now in serious condition in the hospital, but she's improving. White is eternally grateful to all who came to her daugher's aid. She says they were her guardian angels.

Amazing what these neighbors did! It really reminds you how many truly good people there are in the world.

Hopefully the little girl is able to recover quickly. This incident is also a good reminder for all of us to know CPR.

Have you ever had a stranger help you? - Jackson, MS

Image via Chastity White/Facebook

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