Third Grade Teacher's Selfless Gift to Students Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity (VIDEO)

A third-grade school teacher in Dorchester, Massachusetts completely embodies the concept of holiday spirit -- what she did is what few others would have done, but 26-year-old Nikki Bollerman says it was the right thing to do. Bollerman won $150,000 in a contest sponsored by Capital One -- she then turned around and gave it all to her underprivileged students.


Bollerman entered the bank's #WishForOthers Christmas contest, and wrote an essay saying what she would wish for her young students is that they each take a book home for Christmas.

But Bollerman is the type to make her wishes come true herself, so she and her mother bought each of her students a book. But then Bollerman got some amazing news -- she had won the contest and the bank was giving each of her students three books. They were books that the kind-hearted teacher chose herself: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, My Father's Dragon, and Where the Wild Things Are (my favorite!).

Oh, and there's just one more thing! Bollerman also won $150,000.

Now here is where you think Bollerman, a hard-working teacher who had just dug deep into her pockets to buy all of her students a book, might want to take a vacation, or at least buy herself a house, or just put it in a savings account, given that no job is guaranteed for life.

But nope! Bollerman decided to donate each and every penny to her school.

Bollerman told ABC News:

Since I made the wish for my students I thought I would do something to make their lives better rather than spend it on myself.

The school, UP Academy Dorchester, is a charter school that is only a year old. Bollerman hopes it spends the money to buy the students a computer lab.

Wow. Now THIS is the kind of woman the country should be fawning over -- not Kim Kardashian!

Let's hope the school doesn't squander the money and does with it what they should!

As for Bollerman, if you believe in karma, she has just racked up enough good karma to last for this lifetime and the next.

What would you do with $150,000?

Image via Capital One/Facebook

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