Returning Soldier Pops Out of Gift & Gives Mom Christmas Surprise of Her Life (VIDEO)

It's a Christmas miracle! When Patrick Conwell found out he'd be home from Afghanistan for the holidays, he decided to give his mom the surprise of her life -- and maybe a little heart attack too.


The soldier posted this video to Reddit, and all of our hearts melted. Conwell hid in a giant box, and family members led his mom to believe that it was full of pink or blue balloons for a gender reveal party for a pregnant family member.

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Instead of pink or blue though, one single green balloon floated up, followed by Conwell himself! Mama is clearly overwhelmed by having her son home for Christmas, and even though she may have almost had a stroke, I bet she's beyond happy.

And in case you were wondering ... Conwell revealed the baby is a girl.


Have you ever been surprised by a loved one coming home in time for Christmas?


Image via Patrick Conwell/YouTube

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