Dad Who Lost His Whole Paycheck Gets Christmas Surprise (VIDEO)

A hardworking dad of two will have a much merrier Christmas this year thanks to a total stranger who went out of her way to do the right thing. Annie Martin hopped in a cab in the very early morning on her way to work as a makeup artist on a TV set in New York City. Her foot hit something on the floor, and thinking it was a can, she bent over to look and was shocked at what she found: A wallet. Opening it up, Martin was even more shocked: It was stuffed with cash. But unfortunately the wallet contained no identifying information, no ID, no pictures. The big-hearted woman wanted to return it, but how?


Martin decided to contact a local TV station and its investigative unit, 7 On Your Side, to see if it could help.

Martin did have one clue she could hand over: A receipt for a check cashing place in the Bronx.

The reporter, Nina Pineda, went there and the cashier was able to use the receipt to pinpoint the day and time the check was cashed. Bringing up the owner's picture on the surveillance screen, she recognized him as Gabriel Hernandez, who cashes his check there every Saturday.

The cashier, Sonya Carballo, called him, but it turned out she had the wrong number. The whole thing could have ended there, but the three ladies really wanted to find Hernandez, especially since it was the holidays, and they figured he'd really be missing that cash. Even more so, since Carballo said that the cash was the entire amount of his check.

So the intrepid cashier sent someone to his home. Fortunately, Hernandez opened the door. Check it out:

Awwwww. The man works three jobs and is a dad of two. He's worked as a dish washer for eight years. This was a man who REALLY needed that money!

Kudos to Martin who decided to go out of her way to find the guy -- I'm honestly not certain how many people would have done that.

Now Hernandez is sure to have a much, much merrier holiday! And they say New Yorkers are rude!

What would you have done?

Image via Casey Fleser/Flickr


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